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An option allowing you to set preferred weather stations by cookies is new for May 2007. Every time you use one of the state menu pages it will automatically set a cookie to remember that selection, and the next time you come back to that state's page it will show those stations as the default choices. This requires that cookies are enabled in your browser, otherwise you will see the original defaults. There are also several other options you can set by using the form at the bottom of this page.

Temperature Units

The default is to display temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit. Where decimals are available, they are shown. If you prefer you can see temperature in degrees Celsius or even Kelvin. To do this, use the form at the bottom of this page.

Time Preferences

Times are automatically translated back to local time in a 12 hour am/pm format, and adjusted for daylight savings time. The time zone used will be shown, i.e.: EDT or CST. All weather stations, regardless of location, are shown at the same time zone as station one (the first station listed) for consistent planning. If you prefer, times may be shown in local 24 hour format or UTC / Zulu time. To do this, use the form at the bottom of this page.

More Than 3 Stations at once

The BalloonCast program can handle up to six stations simultaneously. On Blastvalve I have done menus for 3 at a time as this is the number that prints well. You can get up to 6 by typing the airport codes into the box below, or at This also works for winds aloft stations. To avoid a lot of typing and remembering codes the results are designed so you can bookmark them, or even save them as a link on your webpage.

The BFA BalloonCast option lets you choose from 1 to 6 stations from a menu!

Change Location for Sunrise, Time Zone, Radar

Each of these is set according to the location of the first station entered. You can have them calculated for a different location by simply making that the first station selected. Currently radar is only available for North America. If someone has good links for other continents, I'd be happy to add them.

Other Options

If there's something that would make this work better for you, drop me a note and I'll see what I can do.

Customize your BalloonCast:

  • Current Conditions & Forecasts
    Enter the 4 digit ICAO airport codes, separated by commas:   
    For example, enter KBOS,KJFK,KLAX for Boston, New York, & LA. Need a list of codes?
  • Winds Aloft
    Enter the 4 digit ICAO codes, separated by commas:   
  • Valid Time for Winds Aloft

    hour forecasts

  • Temperature Units

  • Time Zone Preferences

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