BalloonCast Weather for Pilots
How To Use CellCast:

To Get Mobile Weather :

A. Type into your phone's browser, or navigate to the page. M is for mobile. Add page to Favorites!

B. Select the state you want weather for by moving the cursor down the page until it is highlighted, then click on it. Use the down arrow and/or right arrow keys to navigate.

C. The State's menu page is designed so you can do everything by pressing a number on your phone's keypad.

Press 1. to choose the airport you want current weather and forecasts for. Then scroll up/down the choices to find the one you want. When your location is highlighted press the "select" softkey or the button between the arrow keys.

Press 2. to choose a winds aloft location. Then scroll up/down the choices to find the one you want and select it.

Press 3. "Get CellCast" to submit your choices and get a forecast. You do not need to scroll to the button, you can just press 3 as soon as you like the locations shown.

D. The airport's CellCast page will come up. It shows the location, date, sunrise and sunset times, when updated, current conditions like wind and altimeter setting, the forecast (if available), then the winds aloft forecast. If the winds aloft forecast changes close to your flight time, two winds aloft forecasts will display. Please check the valid times carefully. Then there is a radar graphic and several links to extra features:

Press 1. to return to the top of the page.

Press 2. to jump to the TAF forecast, midpage.

Press 3. to jump to the Winds Aloft forecast, midpage.

Press 4. to see the weather's 12 hour trend (National Weather Service mobile site).

Press 5. for Thundercast, a graphic showing recent lightning strikes.

Press 7. to go back to the CellCast homepage and choose a new location or start over.

Press 8. for the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers.

Press 9. and your phone will dial the local ASOS so you can listen to the weather at the airport over the last 2 minutes. This is a phone call, usual charges apply.

Press 0. to call Flight Service at 1-800-WX-BRIEF for an official FAA briefing. Think of it like calling the operator. They can give you any NOTAMs and explain the forecast. This is a phone call, usual charges apply.

Scroll up & down to study the weather info. Consider checking at another reporting station nearby.

E. If you encounter bugs please write me with the details so I can work on it.

Thanks for your interest and understanding,

Rick Jones

© 2012 by Rick Jones.