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  • The Balloon Builders' Journal - A technical newsletter dedicated to the exchange of ideas between builders and pilots of experimental sport balloons.

  • Ted's Homebuilt Balloon Project - Documents Ted Gauthier's project to build an experimental balloon and basket. Detailed photo gallery of the construction of the full-sized wicker basket.

  • Homebuilding Cloudhoppers - Details projects for building your own one-man balloon systems. Several examples shown, one with detailed photos.

  • UK Hopper & Production Lists - Lists registrations and production for 8 manufacturers of cloudhoppers and other solo balloons, mostly in England.

  • FAR Part 103 - Ultralight Balloons - Official FAA rules for building, flying, and certifying an ultralight aircraft. These lightweight, one person balloons may be homebuilt or constructed by an established manufacturer. You do not need a pilot license to fly an ultralight.


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