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  • Care and Feeding of Your Wicker Basket - Balloon Life article by Glen Moyer provides instructions for maintaining, cleaning, and repairing balloon baskets.

  • Stumpf Balloon Repair Station - Andover, Vermont hot air balloon repair station provides a free nights lodging with every annual inspection.

  • Balloonacy, ltd. Repair Station - Full service hot air balloon facility located in Fayetteville, Georgia, 15 miles south of Atlanta. Offers repairs and maintenance on all major brands of balloons in an FAA certificated repair facility (FAA CRS SU9R747J).

  • Balloon Repair Stations US - Extensive listing of balloon repair stations across the USA, from the BFA site.

  • Eol Air - Full maintenance, inspection and repair services available for all kinds of balloon manufacturers in Montreal, Quebec. Close to the US border, site in English and French.

  • Austrian Balloon Repair Station - Ballonservice Austria offers sales and repair for all balloon parts and instruments.

  • BRET-Balloon Repairs of East Texas - We work on all major brands of balloons. We are certificated to work on C-Mark and G-Mark balloons

  • Balloon Excelsior - We are the oldest continuously-operating balloon repair station in the country. We began repairing balloons in 1966, opened a repair facility in 1972, and were certificated by the FAA in 1974. Oakland, CA.

  • Balloon Service Lithuania - Balloon repairing, re-newing, inspections, accessories and parts for hot air balloons.

  • FAR Part 43 - Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance - Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) covering maintenance of aircraft, plus rebuilding or altering aircraft and preventative maintenance.

  • Firefly Repair - Factory based repair facility dedicated to perform repairs and inspections in accordance with current approved Firefly Balloons specifications.

  • Fly Ohio Ballooning Service Station - Central Ohio hot air balloon repair station. Most brands serviced.

  • Flying High Balloon Services - Full service repair station in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

  • Lindan Hot Air Service - Full service FAA hot air balloon repair station located in Albany, Oregon. Lindan holds certificate GTVR324K, and services most brands. A dealer for Firefly Balloons and Ventry fans.

  • Nomex Fabric - DuPont is committed to protecting people with innovative Nomex brand fiber. From first responders to industrial workers and racecar drivers, Nomex brand fiber provides superior protection to meet your safety needs. Frequently used on balloon scoops and at the bottom of envelopes.

  • Performance Textiles - Leading supplier of high performance fabrics engineered for hot air balloons and parachutes. Manufacturer of Soar-Coat fabrics and Aerostar's Diamondweave fabric.

  • Red Baron Balloon Corps, LLC - Certified repair station based in Southwestern Ohio, services including Maintenance functions, as well as hot air balloon rides, sales, service, training and flight exams.

  • Rocky Mountain Hot Air, LLC. - FAA Certified Repair Facility - Denver, Colorado balloon repair station operated by Ken Tadolini. Annual inspections and repairs.

  • Wisconsin Aerostation Hot Air Balloon Repair Station - Operated by Pete Asp since 1984, offers top quality repairs and meticulous maintenance inspections on all domestic makes of balloons. In southeast Wisconsin just 1/2 mile off of I-94 halfway between Milwaukee and Madison.

  • A.O.Ballonreisen - ADR inspections on hot air balloon cylinders in Hamburg, Germany area. Site in German.


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