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  • Why do you fly a balloon ? - I have been asked to describe a balloon ride to folks who have never had the experience. I, in turn, have asked many of our first timers to explain what it felt like to them. The collection of ideas, comments and feelings is wonderful!

  • A First Balloon Ride - Here's a blog entry detailing a typical experience of a first balloon ride at a small balloon festival. The narrator does a great job describing what goes on throughout the flight, and every step is illustrated with clear photos.

  • Gravity, Heaven - Jeff Schmerker, Utah's Travel Writer, takes a ride in a hot air balloon in Park City Utah.

  • New Middle East Magazine - Article on a flight over Wadi Rum in the Royal Jordanian air balloon during the festival celebrating the King's birthday.

  • Up, Up And Away! -- TIME Magazine Archive Article -- Aug. 19, 2002 - The beauty and camaraderie of hot-air ballooning allow fans and their spirits to soar. Time Magazine article on ballooning with an emphasis on people in their 50s.

  • Interactive Balloon Ride - Experience a hot air balloon ride from the comfort of your own computer chair. You pick directions and altitude and see the results during a flight over the Shasta Valley of northern California.


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